Mourning and Celebration

The novel Mourning and Celebration answers the question ‘can Jews be gay?’ with a definite ‘yes!’ Not only can Jews be gay, but there are many gay Orthodox Jews who are asserting themselves in a positive way.

With a history of over 3,000 years, Judaism could not have survived without adapting its standards to changing values. For instance, the relatively humane laws on slavery specified in the Torah have been completely outdated with the abolition of slavery. Eventually, homosexuality will be seen not as a matter of choice but as a variance in the human condition.

Mourning and Celebration is the story of survival of a gay Jew born in a 19th-century Polish Jewish village. In conversations between today’s author and his historical alter ego, conditions then (which still exist in many places) are compared to those in today’s enlightened world. Read about it – buy this positive gay Jewish book.

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